How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Re: I can show you the phenomenon...

Loga wrote:

I experienced something similar... And I don't like it either. If you watch this photo in 100%, you may see the lack of fine transitions on the face of the girls. And this is an ISO200 shot with good (flash) light. You can say that this is due to hard light, but check the second photo, again at the face.

I really can't see what you're talking about.  Here are 100% crops of those faces:

What I'm seeing is awkwardly exposed, noisy faces.  I see no posterization or uneven transitions.  I do see uneven flash highlights.  And I certainly don't see anything that even comes close to being able to be described as comic-book like.c

It might be of interest to have the raw files to see what is actually there.  Can you make them available?

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