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Re: Wrong and misleading IMO

So, why is that silly comparison between older m43 sensors and new Nikon 1 sensors relevant to the needs of the OP?

The point is not to draw false equivalences between one system and the other.

For image quality: FF > m43 > Nikon 1

For portability: Nikon 1 > m43 > FF

The problem is that with technological changes, the differences between these systems in terms of sensor quality will diminish to irrelevance with time. That is when things like Olympus' great IBIS or superb Zuiko / Panaleica glass or Nikon 1's rapid shooting will make the difference.

I honestly think that FF will slowly disappear or become a specialized format with time.

Funny, that's the way I feel about the Nikon 1.

But the truth is, the differences will never diminish or disappear. When Nikon 1 sensors improve, MFT sensors will improve by the same percentage. But MFT will always have the 0.85 stop advantage that comes from the larger sensor size.

And much better glass available, and much better IBIS, etc.  I don't see why everyone always pooh poohs IBIS, being able to shoot with a great prime like the Panaleica 25mm f1.4 at incredibly slow shutter speeds hand held.  That is an incredible advantage that more than makes up for the slight advantage of FF and puts m43 way ahead of Nikon 1.

I love street photography at night, it is so easy with my E-M5.  Try doing that with a giant FF.

Given the fact that sensors are already approaching their theoretical limits as far as efficiency, the difference will likely always be large between MFT and Nikon 1, if Nikon 1 even withstands the test of time.

IMO, the MFT standard is really the perfect balance between quality and portability.  The Nikon 1 sensor is just a little too small for a system camera.

I think this is the key to its success.  Nikon 1 has a niche, though, as a second camera system for Nikon FF photographers.  Nikon clearly wanted to slow the flow of customers toward NEX and m43.

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