New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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Yes, focus speed can be a big issue for Macro photography

rhlpetrus wrote:

But speed is not an issue for macro, or is it? Swivel yes.

Very much depends on what you're photographing.  If it's something static (say a flower or plant), then it may not matter as much.  However, if it's an insect, then the long delay most likely will mean that you'll miss the shot you were intending, or worse, get a lovely picture of a twig with no insect (which has already jumped somewhere else).  The more dynamic the subject, the more important it is to acquire focus quickly.  Again, if the angle is awkward, either very high or very low, the optical VF can be quite difficult to use and LV can be a real benefit.  There have been many cases where I would love to have had it in my 7D.

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