Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Better to compare apples to apples

Fair enough, Bruce, you make some good points. To me it is a little frustrating when people talk about JPEGs vs RAW, but don't elaborate on what JPEGs they are talking about. Are they what you get with the camera's default settings for in-camera JPEG processing or have the camera's settings been changed and if so how thoroughly and carefully were the changes made? Then it is hardly ever specified whether or not the JPEGs were PP and if so how well was the PP done. I have not yet found an OOC JPEG from my cameras that could not be improved to some extent with PP, no matter how much effort I put into tweaking the in-camera processing settings, and more often than not the improvement is very significant. I know I probably should be processing RAW files instead of JPEGs since I am processing anyway and intend to make the switch when I decide on which software to use. I need to find out if Lightroom is really all that it is cracked up to be, or is there as I suspect, just a bandwagon thing going on.

A note regarding WB. It's pretty rare that I can not correct the WB of an OOC JPEG. That is to my satisfaction anyway and that is what matters.

Your example was useful and if I get a chance I will see what I can do with the JPEG.


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