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Re: LR 4.4 vs Iridient - X-Trans RAW processing - I'm a believer!

It doesn't quite work that way though. If the RAW processor has simply cranked up the contrast and increased the sharpening behind the scenes prior, it doesn't necessarily mean it's starting from a better place from which to build on, it just means its default settings are more appealing to you. In some cases it might be a worse place to start from, depending on what your ultimate intent is (or at least require more work to get to your ultimate intent).

I think the question that some of are are asking (or some are literally saying) is that perhaps Irident isn't any better, just that its default contrast and sharpening are more appealing. Lightroom which applies less of both by default may, with making manual tweaks, be able to get to the same spot.

Yes, "out of the box" as it were, the images look better in Irident, but that's only because Irident applies more aggressive initial settings.

Then again it may be that Irident is just plain better. Hard to know without further side-by-side testing...

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