LR 4.4 vs Iridient - X-Trans RAW processing - I'm a believer! Locked

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Re: LR 4.4 vs Iridient - X-Trans RAW processing - I'm a believer!

Randy Benter wrote:

Why bother comparing the default settings of 2 raw converters? The whole point is to adjust the settings until you get the maximum quality and/or effect. If you are going to use the default settings, then you should just stick to jpegs. It seemed like you were declaring superiority of one application over another based on meaningless default settings.

Holy cow. The default settings are the STARTING POINT! The converter that has a better STARTING POINT, will eventually provide a better DEVELOPED image. Right? OF COURSE you go on from the defaults and adjust the settings to get the best image. If you start with better Tequila, you end up with a better tasting Margarita!

And please don't tell me the "just stick with JPEGS". I'm not an idiot.

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