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Re: Wrong and misleading IMO

Beach Bum wrote:

Given the fact that sensors are already approaching their theoretical limits as far as efficiency, the difference will likely always be large between MFT and Nikon 1, if Nikon 1 even withstands the test of time.

IMO, the MFT standard is really the perfect balance between quality and portability. The Nikon 1 sensor is just a little too small for a system camera.

You may very well be correct. But for a person who has read the M43 forum for a few years now, the irony of reading this is that all of the same arguments were made against M43 from the APS-C (see Nex) crowd, and posters here defended the system with vigilance... only in some cases to turn around and make the same argument against the 1 system...

I'm not speaking of you specifically of course, but it's been very interesting to watch things come full circle-- the new sensor provided the perch from which M43 shooters could attack the same IQ limitations they used to defend just a short time ago!

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