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Re: Wrong and misleading IMO

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

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Landscapephoto99 wrote:

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Beach Bum wrote:

The strangest thing to me is that these comments are getting thumbs up on a micro four-thirds forum, and virtually no one is even countering it. Shame. I mean it. It really is a shame.

The truth is that micro four-thirds cameras have 1.8x the sensor area of the Nikon 1. This alone makes Nikon 1 uncompetitive.

Wrong. The OP mentioned older generation M43 cameras and when compared, the two are virtually a wash. Please take a look at the GX1 (mentioned) vs the V1 on DXO to measure competitiveness.

But this is irrelevant. m43 looks better than FF when compared to older sensors too. The point is to compare the present IQ of each. When that is done, the result is clear:

FF is to m43 as m43 is to Nikon 1.

So the needs and expressed intent of the OP are irrelevant... ok, got it!

So, why is that silly comparison between older m43 sensors and new Nikon 1 sensors relevant to the needs of the OP?

Uhm... because the OP made specific mention of an older M43 sensor vs the Nikon 1.

The point is not to draw false equivalences between one system and the other.

I didn't. Read my first post. What I compared were a few cameras he actually made mention of. There is little point in getting into a contest about systems, when the OP has thus far not made mention of entering at the top level of M43. I did though, in my first post, inform him that the newer sensors were better and even urged him to look elsewhere than the 1 system if he thought he may leave his heavy gear at home more often than not.

For image quality: FF > m43 > Nikon 1

For portability: Nikon 1 > m43 > FF

The problem is that with technological changes, the differences between these systems in terms of sensor quality will diminish to irrelevance with time. That is when things like Olympus' great IBIS or superb Zuiko / Panaleica glass or Nikon 1's rapid shooting will make the difference.

I honestly think that FF will slowly disappear or become a specialized format with time.

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