Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

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Re: Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

adymitruk wrote:

Was just trying out the sunny 16 rule with the kit lens on the NEX 7. It was mid-day and no clouds. So ISO 100 with 1/100 sec exposure and aperture of 16 was used. I'm concerned that I'm way too closed down f16. What would be the exposure if I was to use f8 or f11 instead.

I'm also concerned that I'm losing detail at f16 due to defraction. How do you adjust the sunny 16 rule so that you can keep the aperture you want? Each f stop up you 1/2 the exposure time?

Also, I guess the sunny 16 rule is a rough estimate and needs to be adjusted for the time of year and your latitude on earth among other things...

Any help is appreciated. I love having total control via manual mode and would love it if I could get he perfect exposure for a series of shots. Bracketing at +-1 EV is what I've done just in case at times..

... who made that rule?

Sensors on cameras vary.. The histogram on the camera.. is a nice tool..

An external meter, why would this be better than the camera which has the ability to judge the exposure based on where you tell it to look?

Does an exposure meter reading need to be calibrated to your camera?

I found this:

It seems like allot of work, shoot a bracket, record raw+jpeg..  shoot over and underexposed, do this by varying speed, then aperture.

Try different white balance settings

See how close that you can get the different frames to look to each other in processing the image.

Then do the same thing - focus in front, focus in back.. get a sense of your field depth.. Does it match what you thought that you saw while taking the image.

See how it varies from lens to lens..

I have a ton of pictures of test charts, and my cats.  Then I take the camera out with me on my usual path with the usual objects and get familiar with how the sun and shadows play together..

There is so much to do without having an external gizmo,,

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