Alt Lens Macro or Close up shooters, care to share your set up?

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Alt Lens Macro or Close up shooters, care to share your set up?

I like shooting macros & close ups of various plants, flowers, industrial tools & machinery and sometimes bugs. I thought it might be fun to get away from some of the other hot topics like raw conversions and the best lenses to see what fellow macro & close up enthusiasts have come up with for alternative or non Fuji lens adaptations for shooting close up & macro.

Here is my current rig. I use on the Xpro & Xe-1. 55mm Micro-Nikkor f/3.5 and a PK3 extension tube. Adapted via a Metabones NikonF to FX adapter (not a speed booster). I spent the long dollar on the Metabones because it has a handy tripod foot.

The resulting field of view at minimum focus distance is as follows in these examples:

with PK3 extension tube

without tube

And a real world example with the tube, hand held at somewhere close to MFD

I am not real sure what increase the PK3 tube gives the lens, but without it the lens barrel says it will focus down to 1:2 I assume the tube would put it put near 1:1

I have coming, a 105mm Micro-Nikkor and that should improve the working distance by a good margin and give me more options.

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