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Re: Ganon G15 on iMac

Roberto de La Tour wrote:

To download the pictures, I can only take the card off and put it in the SD card slot (thing that people with some Mac models cannot do) or use iPhoto.

For some reasons I do not understand, if I connect the G15 with an USB cable, the card is not visible.

Cameras connected via USB with a computer normally use one of two USB 'modes':

  1. Mass Storage Device (class), short MSC, in which the camera acts essentially like a card reader and the memory card mounts like it mounts via any card reader.
  2. Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) or the related Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), a mode where no filesystem is exposed to the user and only applications that implement these protocols can access the image and video data. By not showing the file system, it is simpler to use and less can go wrong (no need to eject anything, no diving into subfolders on the card to get to image files, no possibility to mess up anything on memory cards).

Almost all cameras support PTP/MTP and a part of all cameras, in particular the higher end ones, additionally support the Mass Storage mode. In cameras that support both, the mode can be set via the camera's menu system. I just checked and it seems that the G15 only supports the second mode (MTP/PTP) whereas for example your Panasonic G1 supported both modes.

You thus have to use either the card slot (or an external card reader) or one of the applications that talk PTP/MTP, which include on top of iPhoto all third-party applications of its type (eg, LR) or the native application Image Capture which is a rather simple application that allows you import image via drag and drop to any Finder window.

When I connect it, the bundled software "camera Window" starts automatically, but then says "no camera was found". The other bundled software, "Image browser DX" does not see it.

I can't speak for Canon's software but I generally don't put too much faith into them (ie, I'd blame the software in this case).

With my previous/other cameras, Sony V3, Olympus eVolt, Panasonic G1, connection with USB cable always made the card appear on the desktop. With the G15, no.

Why is this? I do not like to use iPhoto, I am not in control of where I store the downloaded pictures. Must I always take the card off? Why?

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