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kiwwest wrote:

I am new at dslr cameras and just bought a Canon t4i. It came with an 18mm-135mm lens. Is there a better all purpose lens I can get to pair with this. It has been suggested either a 50mm f1.4 or a 70mm-200mm. I shot a lot of scenery, sports action and portraits. Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Thanks Kathy

I had the 18-135 on a T2i and thought it was just so so. Versatile but it didn't shine at any focal length. I thought the 24-105 worked better as a mid range zoom for portraits and sports, a little too long for scenery on a crop sensor. I think it's difficult to get one superzoom lens that suits all three areas you mention. I also have the 50/1.4  which I think is slow to focus and the 70-200/2.8II which is great but heavy for a rebel body.

I've read that the 15-85 EF-S is superior to the 18-135, but given the IQ of the 18-135 it isn't sayin much. Canon is a popular brand. I was able to borrow lenses from friends to try out and have managed to save my self the regret of buying something that wasn't what I'd expected. I'm still waiting for certain lenses to be made or improved.

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