Anyone else wishing for swivel LCD?

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Re: Anyone else wishing for swivel LCD?

Phil wrote:

littleroot wrote:

Canon came out with two DSLR camera after the 60D with no swivel LCD and I'm wishing they had

What is so bad about it that it didn't make the cut n the 5D3 or 1DX? I find it incredibly useful for shooting video and the odd hail-mary still in liveview

Canon has come out with multiple swivel LCD bodies since the 60D, just not an XD bodies.

Pros who pay for indestructibility are the Canon XD and L series lens customer base. When your future contracts are likely to get canceled or you get sued for damages if you miss the shot or event then any widgets (a swivel screen) have the potential to be a disaster and therefore very undesirable.

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When you say "XD" you are including the 6D, which is not one that those pros you cite would choose for the use you state.  If I only had one camera to work with for what I do, I would choose one like the 5D, without a swiveling LCD.  But I carry a minimum of 2 bodies, and the second one could certainly be one with a swivel LCD.  In fact, in my case it is, it's the one thing I overwhelmingly like about my 60D...

When it comes time to replace the 60D, it will most likely be with a 70D or its successor, since the 6D does not include that feature.  If the 6D had it, it would certainly be my choice, since my lens array is full frame, not crop.  If I do replace my cropper with another cropper, I'll probably pick up a Sigma 18-35 f1/8 to go along with it.

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