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Re: Ganon G15 on iMac

Roberto de La Tour wrote:

I just purchased a Canon Powershot G15. Very happy about the size, little by little I will go through all it's features. BUT:

To download the pictures, I can only take the card off and put it in the SD card slot (thing that people with some Mac models cannot do) or use iPhoto.

For some reasons I do not understand, if I connect the G15 with an USB cable, the card is not visible. When I connect it, the bundled software "camera Window" starts automatically, but then says "no camera was found". The other bundled software, "Image browser DX" does not see it.

With my previous/other cameras, Sony V3, Olympus eVolt, Panasonic G1, connection with USB cable always made the card appear on the desktop. With the G15, no.

Why is this? I do not like to use iPhoto, I am not in control of where I store the downloaded pictures. Must I always take the card off? Why?

I installed all the bundled software with the "easy install" option, I did not find any driver on Canon website

I have the latest imac with OSX 10.8.4

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Are you plugging directly into the side of computermor through hub?

Is the camera powered on?

Did you origionally format the card in the same camera you are connecting?

Have you installed and upgraded all the Canon software (ImageBrowser,DPP,Utilities)?

Try another card and cable.

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