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Re: Wrong and misleading IMO

REShultz wrote:

Wrong. The OP mentioned older generation M43 cameras and when compared, the two are virtually a wash. Please take a look at the GX1 (mentioned) vs the V1 on DXO to measure competitiveness.

That's true. I was comparing the best vs. best of both systems. But, there's another side to it. The OP is unlikely to stop with the GX1 on the MFT system. I think it's also important to look at upgrade potential, and there's no question in my mind about which system has the better upside. If you buy lenses of a certain system, you're more likely than not to be locked into that system.

If this were true, DXO would reflect it (again, comparing the older sensors).

Again, I'm talking about best vs. best. And, from my interpretations (looking at low light/ISO scoring), the best of the Nikon 1 system doesn't live up to its potential (when accounting for sensor size) when compared to the best of the MFT system. Look at the low light/ISO scores for the GH3 vs the V2. The difference is bigger than would be expected based on sensor size alone.

Another thing to consider is that smaller sensors are often made more efficient to compensate for their smaller size, so one would expect the V2 to perform better (per unit area) than the best of the MFT system. But, they actually perform slightly worse.

Which lens? The 18.5 is excellent, along with the 30-110. The kit lens (10-30) was a dog, or at least my copy was.

I don't believe the 18.5 is up to the standards of a prime lens on the MFT system, again going by DxOMark scoring. Look at the field map of that lens. At all apertures, you get a little bit of green in the center and a lot of yellow in the periphery. You won't find an MFT prime lens with this profile.

Again, I don't know how much of this has to do with the sensor size (which is smaller and therefore less capable of resolving a sharp image with a given quality of glass) and how much of it has to do with the quality of the glass, but this is nowhere near as good as the MFT glass/sensor combo.

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