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Re: Ditch FF - sitting on the fence

Right now I am sitting on the fence.  I got an E-PL5 to take on holiday with the OM-D, which (once I sell the "free" 17mm) will give me an economical , but capable, backup to the OM-D.  And I can have the two cameras fitted with two prime lenses ready to go, which I really like.

I have used the OM-D back to back with the D600, and there is a difference - the D600 is more capable - with more flexible files (colour, contrast - I wasn't at high ISO).  I have tried a borrowed 85mm f1.4 on it, there is a difference compared to the 24-120, not a huge amount, but enough to be interesting.

I have bought a ColorChecker and made profiles for all three cameras.  These are an improvement, even with the D600, for which Lightroom already has profiles.  The difference is more marked with the M4/3 - the images are much livelier.

One issue that I am getting with both Olympus cameras and the ColorChecker is very bright greens, which tend to dominate.  It is the same with both profiles and I need to experiment - I suspect that I have to start toning down the green, then set up some import presets.

To summarise, I am trying to learn with both systems, I would love the weight/bulk reduction of M4/3, but am beginning to see the benefits of the D600.  I am tempted to try more extensively a prime on the D600 (I have seen a used 85mm f1.8G for £250 - and I really like the "equivalent" 45mm on the OM-D), but I am really unsure if I will put up with the extra weight and bulk and it could, for me, be a blind alley - so no decision yet.

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