Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Oh, they're there.

Brian Caslis wrote:

I looked at your images at 100%. I see a ton of "underlines" with no spots at all. Sorry nothing credible in this post.

Every single one of those "underlines" sits right below a spot. In some cases you need to 'drag' the image to see the spot moving with it, but they're there.

These aren't the 'classic' D600 spots images - they are taken at f16 rather than f22, and the contrast seems OK rather than an extreme exercise in moving Levels sliders inward. So, although these are shot at an aperture I would personally avoid (I try not to stray below f11), they represent a 'real world use case' better than some.

I think that without underlining the casual viewer would probably not notice at least half of them, and they don't exhibit the symptomatic 'upper left quadrant' distribution, but they're there.

Art has a dirty sensor. He could try blowing it clean, then re-taking the above images at f11.

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