G5 Street Mode Question

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G5 Street Mode Question

No, there's no "street mode" on the G5. My question relates to using the G5 with the Lumix 20-1.7 lens for daytime street photography.

I just returned from San Diego, where I took a large number of photos. The ones where I had time to compose carefully are tack sharp. But taking grab shots of people passing by on the street, while I'm moving, have either motion blur or missed focus. The motion blurred shots are because I tried aperture priority, while the missed focus shots are because I tried shutter speed priority.

What I'd like is a mode like the TaV mode on the Ricoh GR, where you can specify some adequately narrow aperture like f8, with an adequately fast shutter speed like 1/250 or higher, and let the camera choose however high of an ISO it needs to get the exposure correct.

Manual exposure mode might be useful, but only if I'm carrying a handheld light meter and can preset exposure prior to making the shot.

I need an adequately wide DOF with an adequately fast shutter speed. I don't care about high ISO noise, as it looks okay in BW.

Using the G5's Aperture priority mode, set to around f8, it selects too slow of a shutter speed to freeze motion, especially if both myself and the subject are moving.

Using the G5's Shutter speed priority mode it selects too narrow of a DOF to ensure both near and far are in focus.

In retrospect, I should have used a slower lens, like my 14-45 zoom or the Olympus BCL15-f8 body cap lens, so that minimum aperture would have still have been adequate to ensure a wide DOF.

I'm interested in hearing other's experiences of shooting fast-moving street photos with the G5.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5
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