How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

Started Jun 29, 2013 | Questions thread
ptox Regular Member • Posts: 223
Features: 9/10; Quality: .. 5?

I love using the camera; I travelled to the UK for a couple of weeks last year with three primes and the 40-150 in a Retrospective 5 bag and took it everywhere.


- 2 weeks before that trip, the IBIS faulted--the sensor moved to extreme top-left of its range on IBIS activation. Luckily, the store I bought it from exchanged it well after their usual 30 day policy had expired... otherwise, I suspect I'd have had to take my old LX3 instead.

- 2 days ago, during an unusually hot and humid day here in Vancouver, the EVF stopped working. I noticed condensation behind the glass after 60 minutes of shooting--the camera was not baking in the sun or anything--and then two hours later, the EVF went all white and hasn't yet recovered.

So I'm sure I'll be out several hundred dollars to repair this $1k camera with a 1-year warranty.


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