Edward Snowden -- Running like a coward

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How pathetic to call an obviously courageous man a coward.

Ahender wrote:

Correct me if I am wrong, but one of the first remarks out of Snowden's mouth after he fled to Hong Kong was: "I'll accept whatever punishment I get."

Now he has a list of 15 countries he is applying to trying to get asylum.

What a brave soul.

But you are mimicing our government and our press.

This is a guy who has risked everything for principle. But since there's no way of denying that the information he's releasing is true, he is being libeled, slandered, smeared and vilified by all the gutless commentators and editorial writers who don't have the GUTS to defend the US Constitution.

Pretty soon it will be against the law to defend the Constitution. Indeed, they are already promising to arrest any reporters who actually do that.


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