Must see this....Mark III soft image!!!

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Re: Must see this....Mark III soft image!!!

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I've the same identical issues. I don't post any photos, I can only assure that in the last wedding I shot, using only 5d3 and a 50mm 1.4 there are images at 1/100, 1/125, 1/200 that are SOFT! It seems focus issue or micro-blur but the strange thing is you dont' see a focus elsewhere. I'm very confident with wide apertures, 1.4, 1.8, I know my limits, never had this problems with the mark2, 5d or 1ds2, in more difficoult situations than a marriage. I don't know what to say, For me this camera is unusable, only 40-50% of images are sharp, with 5d2 they where 99%. Of course RAW etc etc. I hate this!

i bought recently a 50 mm f/1.4 tried with 5dmk III and i got "...but the strange thing is you dont' see a focus elsewhere..." sometimes and using center focus point with big apertures iam getting "very" soft focus, specially in low light conditions (artificial light) > 3m. before 5d i had a 60D and i needed to buy a focusing screen from katzeye to get decent focus...where can i buy one for 5d MKIII?...i can´t!!

That's true enough... If you can't get a fine micro focusing screen to install then you really can't shoot fast primes.

Canon is going to know this also so either the 5D MKIIIs native focusing screen is suitable for fast primes or Canon's sales data shows not enough customers ordered the fine screen for the MKII to make it a concern.

The other thing that snuck up on us is the us is the 7D was treated being treated as a consumer product in the market but Canon's XD are pro bodies. Shunned by the pros it would have rarely been mated up with a F1.2 lens where the non-interchangeable focusing screen would have been a glaring problem.

Hence the 7D style screen received the tacit approval to expand in the product line.

If the 5DMKIII is a refinement for working wedding photographers then nothing faster the F2 will ever get used and Canon choice was correct.

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See bold corrections above. Thanks

PS: I did use an an EF85 F1.2L MKII for a few extra shots at yesterday's wedding but I have two EF-S screens installed.

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