Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Re: Will the D600 be updated soon?

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I've been thinking... with all the shutter replacements Nikon service has been making lately and the mixed-to-bad WOM the D600 has been getting because of the "oil/dust issue", do you think Nikon might release a quickie update with a fix to that issue and maybe a couple of minor tweaks to the sensor performance... or even with the 51 point AF system the D7100 just got. They would call it the D610 and revive the excitement about the FX entry camera? Hmm? Maybe? What do you think?

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Since we're accepting all speculative guesses, I'm going with "no".  To a certain extent, a refresh so soon after the initial release of a camera would be a tacit admission that mistakes were made.  From what I have seen in this situation (and others), Nikon is very loathe to admit mistakes.  They are either very tardy to own up to issues in their lineup or will ignore it altogether until such time as a refresh naturally occurs (2 or 3 years).  I'd like it if they would fix the ongoing issues with the D600 AND give it subtle improvements, but I think that would really dig into D800 sales which comes at a significantly higher price point.  IF Nikon would put an articulating screen on a D600 along with a few other enhancements (larger AF area and built-in GPS and WiFi), I'd put up with doing the occasional cleaning myself since I'd feel I got something  significant out of the deal.  If all they do is fix the shutter...well, that was something that was a defect that should have been weeded out in engineering or manufacturing.

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