I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system? Locked

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Re: At this point, go for the Nikon 1 system

My suggestion is:

If you are going to keep the D300, go for the Nikon 1 system as a travel, all round camera.  You will enjoy it, it is good enough for most situations and it will complement you D300.

If in the future, you find that you really like the MILC and it is meets most of your needs, then it would make sense to sell the D300 and step up to a better (but more expensive) MILC system like the m43.  By that time with PDAF, it will do 99.9% of what FF does and be a good, lightweight substitute.

David Banner wrote:

I'm not too interested in the V1, so I meant J1 or J2 or J3. J2 didn't look that much better, neither does J3 actually. J1 is cheaper now.

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