Guess what it is - M43 macro/close-up thread

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Re: Guess what it is - M43 macro/close-up thread

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Mikeywcu wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Some kind of animal quills? Hedgehog or Porcupine?


That's a hedgie all day long.

A lot of close up Hedgehog knowledge here obviously

Back when I was a practicing veterinarian at a slightly more rural clinic, one of the routine late night emergencies was a quill dog...Some fool dog would spy a moving animal in the distance and go for it, ending up with a mouthful (and paws full) of quills.

Needless to say, that IS one of those things that does require an emergency trip to the vet; anesthesia and a lot of time spent by the vet and staff spent yanking the blasted things out of various parts of the dog with a hemostat are necessary....

So, I am very familiar with what quills actually look like, up close and personal

The thing is, the dogs who tended to do this didn't always learn from the experience and we would sometimes see them again a few months or a year down the road....


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