Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

josbiker wrote:

Ulric wrote:

So are you now discussing how auto focus *time* compares between systems and/or manual focus?

I see, i can not help you any more! I quite.

When you do not get it, it is apitty.

By for this thread.

Josbiker: -(

The problem is slightly different - we do not understand your posting and are therefor unable to help you.

It makes very much sense, that is if you are really seriously, to spend a lot of time  thinking about formulating your thoughts before writing a posting. Many times preparation is 80% of the effort to obtain a successful outcome. You have to carefully consider how to title your article, does the title conform to your intentions, requests or theory, does it support the body of your posting, is it appealing to the reader ?

The rest of the posting, in particular for difficult subjects, should be clear, very clear, and carefully structured using the correct terms that do not confuse the reader and the message must be consistent. While you are composing it is important to ensure that your facts a correct, it can take a lot of effort/time to verify this.

For complex themes a posting is very similar to a technical article or presentation, it follows the general rules: title, introduction, body, conclusion.

If you intend to open a discussion then an open question may be in place, but many times a closed question might be more appropriate.

The more effort you put in to the posting the better the chance that you are successful getting a response of the readers.

You must keep in mind that YOU want to convince the audience of your thoughts and get us on your line. With the amount we read / see daily it is very difficult to decide on what subject we should spend our attention, if the material or content does not appeal to us then we will just glance over and go to the next article.

My personal opinion is that there may be a language problem for you to be able to express your thoughts in a foreign language. There are several strategies to help in this case: 1) go somewhere where they speak the language to work for sometime and get yourself a girlfriend, stay away from fellow country man. 2) Read and study the language 3) Think in the language and do not translate.

Btw. If you really have a problem translating your thoughts then do your best and add an additional explanation in your own language so that we can help you with the translation and interpretation.

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