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Re: OSS and pan

Tracking focus is something DSLRs are better at. The only mirrorless camer with DSLR-competitive tracking focus is the Nikon 1 series (provided light is good).

Nikon has some secret cause for on-sensor PDAF that works really well. They even have an adapter that allows you to use F-mount lenses with fast AF. It doesn't need a pellicle like the LA-EA2.

Don't like the Nikon 1 for other reasons? Neither do I.

I tried an Olympus EPL5 before settling on NEX. There is no doubt that the Olympus camera do single-shot AF lightning fast. It is amazing. In touchscreen trigger mode you touch anywhere on the screen and it focuses to that location and shoots almost instantly. It is a killer feature, so much so that I settled on Nex with regrets. If you do action m43 is the next best platform after Nikon 1.

Sticking with NEX, if you really value fast tracking focus get an LA-EA2 and you have it. The problems are it's not cheap, you need more lenses, and the setup is no longer compact.

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