Edward Snowden -- Running like a coward

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Coming from the IMFA

LeRentier wrote:

Ahender wrote:

Correct me if I am wrong, but one of the first remarks out of Snowden's mouth after he fled to Hong Kong was: "I'll accept whatever punishment I get."

Now he has a list of 15 countries he is applying to trying to get asylum.

What a brave soul.

You can either consider his revelation as this summer's best soap or say to yourself that Snowden will stop running once he has made public all the dirty secrets he discovered.

I expect the next revelation to include details on he industrial spying done by he NSA and for the sole benefit of American corporations who are willing to pay for it.

Now that's a far stretch, considering that it has been well documented that China is into the spying game strictly for the industrial/corporation secrets. The NSA are certainly not spying on France for their expansive industrial knowledge, as they are not spying on China for their corporate secrets.

The NSA biggest concern today is to see to it, that when the Big Bang does goes off, and it someday certainly will, they will know exactly who were the 'friends' involved in the interim of analysing the trail of the lighting that wick. When people are observed covering such trails today, be them friend or foe.... it is time their communications be closely watched.... no matter what country they are from.
And if any one country wants to bitch about being eavesdropped on..... Too Bad!

I think now we can all rest assured that any so called documents won't come from Snowden himself, but rather only statements of such coming from the anti-US crowd overseas.

There will not be any official 'Snowman' documents for all to see... only fraudulent or undetermined origin of said documents, or other hear-say statements from the IMFA....
International Multinational Fraudsters Association.

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