The Art of the Manual Flash

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Re: The Art of the Manual Flash

For small events (like family holidays) I place flashes in locations to cover the room.  Then chimp a few shots to find the proper power level to match the exposure to any ambient sunlight and go for it.

For bigger events, with flash on camera, I'll find a combo of zoom/powerlevel and aperture that will be the default (say ISO 200, f/4, and 1/4 power (or perhaps up the ISO another stop to save batteries) that will work for a given distance (say 8' from camera to subject) and then guess distances and adjust the angle of the bounce as needed for the event (for this I really like the simplicity of Yongnuo's single big toggle to raise and lower the flash power a stop as distances change.  If I swap from bounce I dial it back a stop to cover the reduction in distance.  No chimping necessary though a small amount of trigonometry comes in handy.  You'll need to adjust if the ceiling changes dramatically but that's not usually too difficult at most venues.

Most of the time it'll be a prime lens so the distance isn't going to be varying all that much unless I want a very different framing.

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