Education needed: MFT vs. FF DSLR - Resource needed to learn more about the physics....

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Education needed: MFT vs. FF DSLR - Resource needed to learn more about the physics....

Hi folks.

I'm looking for a good online resource that can help me understand the differences in how these two formats work. Topics such as these would be of interest:

  1. Impact of sensor size on image and composition at the same focal lengths
  2. How a certain f-stop or focal length lens is different between the two formats
  3. What I can, or cannot do with one or the other (for example, can I get equivalent bokeh, and if not, why not?)
  4. I had a fixed 2.8 zoom over the equivalent ranges, would I get similar images?

I have a Nikon FF rig (two d-series SLR's) which I unfortunately came to own as a result of a family tragedy late last year. Lenses include f2.8 24-70 and 70-200, plus a 50 and 35mm prime and a very wide angle (8-16mm) beast I have not yet used plus a bunch of other gear and accessories. The gear is large and heavy, but produces amazing results which I do appreciate.

I'm considering selling off the FF gear and going to MFT, but want to understand more about the tradeoffs in the physics(?) of IQ, composition and usage. Beyond form factor, what is different about using these two types of gear? I also own a Panasonic FZ200, which of course is a versatile camera of a different class altogether which travels with me a lot....

I borrowed an Oly OMD E-M5 to play with for a while with assorted lenses and it felt - different. I'm not sure why, but shooting with it felt harder, even tho the form factor is so much smaller. Or maybe because it IS harder given the menus and physical layout and size.

I'm relatively knowledgeable, and would describe myself as a serious hobbyist, actively reading Steve Huff, Ming Thein, petapixel, several review sites, and the forums here. Went from film SLR's to bridge digital superzooms, not wanting to deal with lens changes and liking the smaller size. I shoot a lot and use the full range of camera functions on the FZ and the DSLR's, but print little. I don't shoot for $$, but like to cover events for fun and experience where the expectations are low and it's an opportunity to contribute some shots to the sponsors. (NO weddings!)

FF is overkill for me, and I know it. BUT, I have the stuff in hand. I might consider an OMD or P5 (w/viewfinder) with a couple of fast zooms (I know, $$) and call it a (very good) day.

Any suggestions on resources to help me learn more about the differences between FF and MFT shooting considerations?


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