Light lens for birding?

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Re: Light lens for birding?

Maybe britcam's idea suggests a partial solution for kipling's needs... figuring out how to get (physically) closer, rather than shooting with more reach.  Decades ago when films were relatively slow and very long lenses rare, the standard way to shoot birds was to get close and often the way to do that was via a portable blind ("hide" in British English).  I remember reading lots of articles on how to make and use portable blinds, the simplest being to drape oneself in a sheet of camouflage cloth.  Nowadays hunting supply outlets like Cabela show lots of variations on lightweight blinds.  In some circumstances very moderate length lenses can work well.

britcam wrote:

In the meantime, I decided to take an alternative route to getting close to birds, and bought a kayak ...

Kind regards

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