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I understand that sometimes chosen processing drift the image away from it's original intention to be a nice clear photograph and in that repsect we seen often that images with a clear photographic expression got more reactions. Also the subject could play its role. Roel I know now for a long time that you don't feel much committed to images from plant's/flowers etc. So it's brave that you still give any reaction/comments on those contributions. Others have expressed that they like the processing but are not very fond about the complete image. So let me express... often I processed single subjects against (sometimes created) dark background so that I can take out the subject and use it in a bigger compilation/collage. Anyway thanks to you all for your comments, higly appreciated.


Unfortunately the original from this one is lost in a compu crash, so I have to shot and create in time a new one.

LouHolland wrote:

a Rose, named "Amsterdam", Would it smell as sweet by any other name?

Shot at almost night, available light plus a led flashlight and some PP


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