How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Re: How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

One thing to be aware of, the O-MD is a VERY "deep" camera, with many, many menus and settings. This can be a GOOD thing, but I would not buy an O-MD just before a big trip. You need a week or two to get used to the handling and set it up the way you want. There are a few web blogs, as well as a page here on DPReview, that will help you set up the O-MD correctly. Little things, like the way the eye sensor works, can be incredibly frustrating if not set right.

That said, I was a VERY happy O-MD owner for the last year. but I just jumped ship to the Fuji X-E1. Similar size, lighter weight, less expensive, APS-C, "Fuji colors" right out of the box, and the handling and ergonomics are a lot better (for ME) than the O-MD. I could never operate the O-MD "by feel", but the X-E1 feels like an old friend after just a few days. The buttons click with a reassuring feel, setting shutter speed with a physical knob and aperture ON the lens are a breath of fresh air. The only things I gave up were the tilting screen (not a big deal for me) and the IBIS (a bigger deal, but not a deal-breaker). I shot all weekend with the X-E1 and am thrilled with the images. Highly recommended. No regrets.

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