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Re: Be careful if you get the latest M4/3 gear

Russ Houston wrote:

You mean like this?

I hear you though. 85/1.4 on a larger sensor is razor thin, and it can be hard to replicate.

You can do it by getting very close to the subject but for a portrait that won't work because you get distortion.  and if the subject is farther away then you lose the thin DoF.

I don't need to replicate the thin DoF because I can just use my Nikon for that.

This weekend I'm leaving for a week long competition for my daughter's equestrian team.  I am not going to take my D300 because I'll be out 12 hours/day every day for 9 days straight.  So I will take my LX3 and do some documentary type B&W photos and I'll take the canon compact (I think ti's a 110HS I'm not sure) for snapshots and color photos.  I'll see what I can come up with.  This trip will give me more information on how a m4/3 or nikon 1 can bridge the gap between compact and DSLR.

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