Wifi setup on mac for ZS30

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Re: Wifi setup on mac for ZS30

bji wrote:

I am loving my new camera, and I haven't been successful in setting up the Wifi for transfering images to my mac computer. I called Panasonic tech support and they weren't any help. They don't seem to be familiar with macs.


Not sure how to do this.

I know this should be easy! Any help would be appreciated.

Set up your Mac first:

1. Select or create the folder you want to share with your Lumix ZS30 camera.

2. In the Finder, open the Info window of that folder.

  • Check the “Shared folder” box.
  • Change everyone permissions to “Write only (Drop Box)”

3. Go to System Preferences… > Sharing

  • Check the “File Sharing” box
  • Make sure the computer name is not too long.
  • Click the “Options…” button
  • Check the “Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)” box
  • Check the account for which you want to enable file sharing using SMB
  • Click the “Done” button

4. Go to System Preferences… > Network

  • The Wi-Fi service should already be selected.
  • Check the “Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar” box
  • Click the “Advanced…” button
  • Select the “WINS” tab:
  • The NetBIOS Name is the computer name as it should be written later on your camera
  • The workgroup name should be WORKGROUP

5. Quit the System Preferences…

On your ZS30

Wi-Fi > New Connection > Send images Stored in the Camera > PC > Direct > Manual Connection

On your Mac

Select the camera SSID from your Wi-Fi menu.

If necessary, enter the password displayed on your camera.

On your ZS30

1. The “Connection successful” message should appear briefly.

2. When you see “Searching…”, click on the MENU/SET button.

3. Replace “Manual Input” with your computer NetBIOS name (see above).

4. Select the shared folder.

5. Enter your computer user account name and password.

6. Click on EXIT.

You should now see “WI-Fi connection completed”

The rest should be easy…

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT (if you don't want to repeat all the above steps again):

  • Select Wi-Fi > History Connection
  • Select your last connexion and register it to Favorite

Good luck!

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