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Re: Whirring noise P7100

Doctor Chris wrote:

Hi all,

Sorry to join this forum with a question but I’d be grateful to hear if any of you have had similar experiences to me with your P7100.

There is a constant whirring noise that appears to emanate from the lens area. I thought that it might be the VR function, but the noise is present whether or not VR is switched on. I’ve played around and have observed the following:

VR switched OFF when powering up: noise present but ceases when I press the Main Menu button AND the SET UP tab is the active tab AND any one of the set up menu items is highlighted. Noise comes back when I press the Main Menu button again, or half press the shutter button.

It gets spooky: if I switch the Quick Menu Dial to My Menu, and the Vibration Reduction option (which I have set there) is displayed at that time, and then I press the Quick Menu Button twice the noise ceases and will not return until the camera is powered down and back up again! Note that by doing this I am not turning VR off, it is merely highlighted.

If VR is already set to ON when the camera powers up the noise will only cease if I turn VR off, or hit the Main Menu button in exactly the same manner as explained above. Once again, the noise returns when half-pressing the shutter.

The other thing I have noticed is that there is the occasional ‘electrical’ whistling from the LCD screen, although this tends only to happen whilst carrying out the above diagnostics.

I have spoken to Nikon who said that the noise was ‘normal’, but I don’t think the guy quite got the grasp of the exact circumstances under which the noise is present.

Any comments would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks!


Hi Chris. I think you are observing the same noise that got me worried for a while about half a year ago (my camera is P7700) - check this thread.

I think there is nothing wrong with your P7100.

Kind regards, Tomaz

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