Sold my D90, considering the move to Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Sold my D90, considering the move to Micro Four Thirds

Lumix5 wrote:

Over the past 3 years I had built up a nice kit of Nikon D90 with genuine MB D80 grip, Sigma 10-20, Nikon 18-55 kit lens, Nikon 35mm f1.8 g, Nikon 50mm f1.8 g, Tamron SP 70-300 and Nikon SB700 flash. I have now sold the D90, grip and 18-55 and am having difficulty making the decision whether to buy a D7000 and continue with a DSLR kit (the simple option) or completely sell up the rest if the kit and switch to M4/3. I loved the D90 with the only exception of sometimes having to leave a lens or two at home due to the weight or bulk of it all and with this in mind the attraction of the smaller size/weight of M4/3 appeals to me.

I mostly shoot landscapes, family and sports (not necessarily in that order) and wonder is there anything I would miss not having a DSLR other than the bulk and the weight.

I can buy a D7000 at the moment for £579 or a Lumix G5 with 14-42 lens which comes with a free 45-150 (H-FS45150E-K) lens via redemption for £449 if I buy before September..

Bought an EPL1 2 1/2 years ago as a small portable camera to complement my D90 kit. Six months later, got a GH2....three months after that, sold the D90 as it had been used once since I got the M43s. No regrets since, either.

One caveat....I do not shoot fast action sports, and rarely BIF, so I don't miss fast tracking AF.

My M43s go with me everywhere now, and a complete kit with 4 or 5 lenses is light enough to carry without even noticing. I have taken thousands of photos in the past two years that I would not have had I still had the D90 kit, simply because the D90 would still have been in its bag in the closet while the M43 was small enough to go with me.

The G5 is a very nice camera, and the kit can't be beat for that price. In addition, you may want to look into some of the primes available, as that is really where this system can get cheap 14mm Panasonic lenses on Ebay, and they are just a great wide prime...Also, if you want a remarkably good fast normal lens, the 25mm f 1.4 is just wonderful. It is expensive, but it's one of those rare lenses whose IQ is worth it...and the Oly 45mm f1.8 is amazingly sharp and a downright bargain for the IQ you get.

I'd give it a try if I were you.....portability with excellent image quality is hard to beat


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