Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Raw reveals its value over time

As an example of the advantage of raw over time, I've shown a photo I made on my KM-7D. The first one is the best I was able to get from my raw software at the time I made the shot - sky is way overblown. Jpg had same problem. Localized ev correction was not successful due to fine foliage on tree in bkground.

The second shot was this same raw, that I reprocessed last year in LR 3 to give 7 Tiffs with exposure adjustments from -3 to +3 ev, and then the Tiffs were combined in Pixamatic HDR software. I have a bit too much saturation, but otherwise I'm pleased.

The third shot is another angle, where the raw was reprocessed as described above.


Best processing available at time I shot this - sky way overblown

Same shot as above, 1-raw --> 7 Tiffs (-3ev to +3ev) converted using HDR software

1-raw --> 7 Tiffs (-3ev to +3ev) converted using HDR software

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