Damn, ACR Demosaic still sucks big time, especially compared to Iridient

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Re: Hum.

gollywop wrote:

It's not clear to me the chap writing the article cited in the OP knew how to use either Iridient or ACR (although, truth be known, I've never used Iridient). But his mode of setting WB leaves a great deal to be desired, his use of ACR is demonstrably underwhelming, and his use of Iridient appears quite overwhelming.

I processed ACR_2 above (view original at 100%) solely in ACR. The OP contends he couldn't obtain detail with ACR close to Iridient's. My purpose above was simply to show that one can indeed get ACR's result to be very similar to Iridient's. I hasten to add, however, this processing was only for this demonstration and that this is not the way I would have processed this image otherwise. Both the Iridient and ACR_2 versions above are overdone -- in very much the same way.

I suspect, however, that ACR cannot fully match Iridient's detail, even when both applications are properly used. As I say, I do not know Iridient, but I would image it is using floating-point computations, as do, for example, RPP, RawTherapee, and Photo Ninja. ACR does not, and suffers this relative disadvantage. As a result, these last three processors are all capable of extracting better detail from a raw file than is ACR. However, the differences are nowhere near the night-and-day result given in the citation in the OP.

As to WB, that used in the Visual Experience file with Iridient, set by the "white" stripe on the road sign, appears to me (and to other white objects in the scene) to be slightly too hot and to have entirely too much tint toward the magenta side. Road signs are almost never good sources of white.

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Thank you (and other) for so much interest on our articles @ The Visual Experience.

The first aim of the two articles were meant to do just a "very basic" processing and results comparison, without going to much in detail with post processing.

@gollywop: your effortwith ACR_2 is really overdone, there are haloes and artifacts not visible in the IRIDIENT output.

Further ideas here.


PS=We are NOT LINKED to Brian @ Iridient Digital!

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