What should the next poll be?

Started Jun 27, 2013 | Polls thread
TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,474
Poll dancing?

I'd much rather watch it than do it. (get that unpleasant mental image out of your mind, if you can)

1 and 2 will be answered in about three months, one way or another. My gut feel, is, all the people who dumped their HG and SHG glass cheap won't be feeling nearly as as smug as those of us who bought those lenses at great prices.

DPR is biased against (insert your preferred brand). Standard thread that gets started every time a review is published. They didn't have a lot good to say about 4/3, but they've been very generous about a few M43 cameras. And they may have had a point - 4/3  has a much narrower appeal than the smaller M43.

Still, I remember the classic line well known to any long time forum member: a solution looking for a problem. Talk about hoof in mouth disease...

Why make a FF camera? C/N/S already make them, Pentax is about to join because they don't have much choice, and it would mean a whole new lens line, just as sensor tech is negating many of the advantages of a larger sensor. Can't cost justify that one.

It would be nice just to have a lens roadmap... a current one. Pity about the 100 2.8, that would have been superb.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle prevents me from having a concrete position on quantum physics.

Eggs, definitely. I never cared for hard crunchy things early in the morning - don't want to start the day with food that fights back.

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