What does the 85mm f1.8 offer apart from portraits?

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Re: What does the 85mm f1.8 offer apart from portraits?

Thank you all again.

I'm really surprised (in a good way) at the versatility of the 85mm - the pics posted are so diverse and fantastic. I love the panorama, the lighthouse pics, and the first dog pic in particular, but all are great (and of course the wonderful Arizona one).

I was at a nice location yesterday trying to get a pic of a small lake and stately home, with bushes around it. My 18-35 was just too wide; so was the 50mm. I had to use the 70-300 in the end. The other lens I brought (sorry - I didn't mention it before) was the 60mm f2.8D macro which I bought a while ago but din't use that much.

I think an 85mm would have been just the right lens to take (in this situation). I am left with the feeling though that a really good zoom on the D600 might have solved the problem. I went into a camera store and had a look at the 24-85 VR and the 24-70 f2.8. I'm in two minds whether to get an 85mm or just wait until Nikon brings out a successor to the 24-70, this time with VR?

On a hot summer's day I was kind of fed up of carry all these lenses, changing them all the time, and maybe wished I had just brought one and forced myself to use it (or had the 24-70 and nothing else!).

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