Does anyone own one of these full leather cases for their X-E1 from eBay?

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Re: Leather is not leather

nixda wrote:

I have seen all kinds of materials advertised as 'leather'. Only when it says 'genuine cow leather' or the like will it be the real deal. Synthetic leather is often advertised as 'leather' or even 'real leather'. So, make sure to read the fine print, or contact the seller, before you commit.

To my untrained eye this half case is "real leather". Even the lining is apparently suede. Top notch stitching and workmanship. (read on, it get's even better)

I have had this on my X-E1 since Dec 2012 and the only complaint is the gripper buttons are tarnishing. Maybe it's time to polish them. But as for the rest of the product its done what I have expected. The vendor is also a stellar guy. I shipped to USA then was assigned overseas before I received the case from China. They paid to have the case forward shipped to me in Europe! Read that again, I know it is hard to believe! So it is IMHO that this outfit is top notch, I will vouch for them 100%!

(Edited: Addendum) I just went back to the link and noticed that the design has been modified a little since I got mine. They have included a Tripod socket and integrated it into the case (The aluminum base plate under the leather). Also the battery compartment access has been widened and now encompasses the new tripod knurl. I kinda like these revisions, the battery removal was a little tight on my half case design. Again these guys could have just left it all alone, as the X-E1 is now down the demand curve a little, but credit goes again to them for doing the revisions for our convenience!

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