RRS BH-40 compatibility to Gitzo systematic

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Re: RRS BH-40 compatibility to Gitzo systematic

Ivos1 wrote:

Considering to buy RRS BH-40 for Gitzo GT3530LS. I see potential issue - the main lock lever on BH-40 is so long, that it exceed the base of the head. When is BH-40 assembled to tripod with bigger base than the head (like GT3530LS), the main lock lever will hit the tripod base. I asked RRS and this is their reply:

"The Main Lock Knob of the BH-40 (and any smaller ballhead from RRS) incorporates a ratcheting mechanism, whereby you can pull the knob away from the housing to disengage the mechanism, reposition the knob, and then let it spring back and continue tightening or loosening. Because it usually only takes ¼ to ½ a turn of the knob to go from fully tight to loose, interference with the platform should not be a common occurrence. The ratcheting can also help avoid the camera and clamp if they are positioned in the path of that knob"

OK, I do understand their reply, but does anybody have experience if this ratcheting is really functional solution for above mentioned issue? Would you recommend to go into RRS BH-40 or better look somewhere else?

Thanks a lot

What Gitzo told you works. It is the solution. The ball locking lever can be pulled out of it's housing about 1/2 inch. It is spring loaded. You then rotate the lever to whatever position you want on it's axis. Pull it out, let it spring back in adjusted to your new position and it will lock the ball without bumping into and stopping it's rotation on the Systematic base. Just did it on mine and voila! I just picked up the new series 3 Gitzo Systematic GT3542XLS. Fully extended, with NO wobbly center column, it stands about 6' 6" tall which is great cause I'm 7'6" tall. Kidding. I set up in the woods for wildlife photos, usually on steep or sloping grades and a shorter tripod just doesn't work. I can easily adjust the long legs to the contour of the slope on the Systematic. For regular us I don't have to extend the lowest leg segments which allows me to use the next segment up which is more substantial and steady. With the BH-40 my Canon 5D3 sits atop and is perfectly positioned to my eye without crouching or standing on my toes. I'm actually 6'2" tall. Hope this is helpful to you.

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