New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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Re: New Canon 70D specs leaked!

MarshallG wrote:

I'd shine that they just follow today's process curve, an use standard 65 to 180nm CMOS ...

... and you'd be wrong (at least to an extent).

Canon is manufacturing their DSLR sensors in-house. And since 2003, all their DSLR sensors have been made on the same 500nm CMOS process, including the 1DX and 5DIII.

As also noted by Chipworks, though, Canon has a modern 180nm process in production as well.
The sensor in the S90/S95/S100 has been made on this process since 2010

However, no DSLR sensors have been made on the 180nm CMOS process ... yet. So, the speculation is, which Canon DSLR will be the first to feature a sensor made on this process.

This definitely won't be the 70D. Most likely a higher-end model, as Canon will surely try to capitalize on the image quality improvements that the new process will bring.

The Chipworks article didn't state whether Canon is fabless or not... although 500nm is very old technology in CMOS. I suppose that sensors are so large that they can't be made affordably in a process that costs more.

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