who upgraded from S95 and to what?

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Re: who upgraded from S95 and to what?

I'd say it depends entirely on just what style/type of camera you have a fancy or a liking for.  If you've used the S95 for some time it seems clear that you like and are satisfied with what a SMALL camera will give you. I still have my S95 after having it in use regularly..but then later went onto various others .. probably my whim as much as anything as I feel strongly that the S95 is VERY capable and can give pics as I've got in my collection, that would not show THAT much better from various other cameras in a similar category Each camera tends to handle and feel differently. I often think the S95 is as little too small for comfort - even in my small hands.  I got an Oly XZ-1 to follow it and whist still very pocketable and similar, it felt a little different and still gave me the quality I wanted from a carry-about pocket type. I've had a few others since - none that large , so I keep that nice feeling - the Sony RX-100 is excellent indeed..similar ease of carry although it is a bit pricey..STILL worth the price though and it IS a quite small camera very similar to the S95 in that respect. The G15 is a LOVELY camera.. it IS better than the S95 without a doubt - incredibly good and discard all thoughts you might have just from pics of it..if you've not seen and handled one - LOVELY in the hand..feels right from the start - and VERY good results.. and the price I paid for it was barely more than I paid when I bought the S95 new..the G15 I honestly say is one you might well look at..it's a great camera and feels OH so right..AND gives quality pics with ease.

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