Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

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Re: Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

gear1box wrote:

The issue for landscape vista -- Particularly for landscapes -- is corner sharpness. Viewers poke their noses in the corners of the print. On the other hand, the subject ain't moving, and you (mostly) can.

For my landscape use, i bought a pair of f1.8Gs from Nikon -- the 28mm and 85mm -- and couldn't be happier. When the day comes that i have a 36meg FX sensor (i shoot a D7000 now), i expect that i will be just as happy.

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gary ray

Semi-professional in early 1970s; just a putzer since then. interests: historical sites, virginia, motorcycle racing. A nikon user more by habit than choice; still, nikon seems to work well for me.

I am actually using a 50mm F1.8 G as my mid range coverage at the moment between a 16-35mm VR and a long term loan 80-200mm f/2.8.

Generally I do preffer zooms to get the exact framing I want but I am tempted by the new Sigma 35mm 1.4 as it seems to offer better value for money than most of the mid range zoom options. I am actually testing the market with a few shallow DOF landscape shots recently(something I'v always enjoyed personally), if they sell then I might go this route as the 35mm end of my UWA zoom is the one I'm least pleased with.

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