Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

Started Jun 29, 2013 | Photos thread
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Re: Lots of reasons to shoot RAW…

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

...where the only reason to shoot Jpeg only is ‘ease of use’.

Here is my latest example that happened recently when I was experimenting with lighting. This was the first shot and my calculations were way off. The out of camera Jpeg is worthless.

Hi Bruce,

I don't mean to argue or give you a hard time, but... I just wanted to out out there that the posted JPG can be made to look every bit as good as the RAW conversion samples in this particular case.

PS. I have nothing against RAW files myself as this is what I shoot exclusively, though I think alot of people tend to overlook the adjustment lattitude that exists in OOC JPG these days. ie, the rule of thumb with JPG's is that if you haven't clipped a channel that it will likely be okay in terms of adjustments.

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