New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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If I care about AF in Live view, I would have bought a mirrorless.

If you did a lot of work with Macro, particularly at ground level, you might think very differently about this.

So few people seem to get this. Not to mention overheads, and/or any odd/difficult angle.

I guess people whose photographic endeavors are mainly eye level shots of people never or rarely experience the greatness of having a swivel screen, but OMG I can't really buy a camera without one anymore. Absolutely hooked on the functionality and creativity they offer.

It's hard to understand how everyone doesn't get the great creative usefulness of  the vari-angle screen, Live View, and Magic Lantern firmware as well. Even if one doesn't do video (a shame not to experiment with moving images instead of just still ones),  the fixed screen seems like an anachronism that should be in the dust bin of history. The combination of the three above bring these cameras to a far greater technological and creative level.

I wouldn't consider buying a fixed screen camera again, or one without ML firmware. I grabbed the 60D the day it came out  because of this - and people just complained about lack of MFA  and metal body (irrelevan non- issues). Go figure...

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