$1500 and a choice. D7000 vs D7100

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Re: $1500 and a choice. D7000 vs D7100

shadowhawk2020 wrote:

It is time to upgrade from the old D40, and my wife wants to stay with the Nikon brand. As stated in the title I have a budget of $1500. She has had photographed a few weddings free (she was given gift cards) for friends who didn't have the money for professional. Other friends of hers have seen her work and are willing to pay. So we are going to be upgrading a little equipment.

For the money I think I have 2 options the D7000 with an upgraded lens, or the D7100 with the kit lens. I will also be picking up the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF lens with either choice.

So, if you had a choice would you choose the D7100 or the D7000? And if you pick the D7000 which lens would you go with, keeping in mind the $1500 budget.


Easy, D7000 with an upgraded lense(I assume you mean a third party 2.8? Otherwise you will really need to raise your budget).  Don't fall into the megapixel trap. Granted that the D7100 is technically a better camera, I would just get the D7000 with the 50mm(A 75 mm on this camera btw) and a decent third party 17-50 2.8. Plus, you can't really photography weddings with the kit lense. The additional focal range is not a good substitute for constant aperture.

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