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Re: EC with M-Auto ISO Please

BillsLIPhotos wrote:

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

Can we please have Exposure Compensation function in M-mode with Auto-ISO? It's not too much to ask is it since we already have M-mode Auto-ISO?

So when you compensate the exposure in Manual do you want it to adjust the aperture or shutter?

The ISO. That's the whole point.

Why not just adjust it one stop yourself instead of using exposure compensation?

(I presume "it" = the ISO.) Because then every time the light changes you have to change the ISO yourself to keep the meter where you want it.

I really don't see the benefit in manual (that's why they call it manual). What benefit do you expect?

To be able to set the aperture for the DOF you want and the shutter for the blur you want (which maximises the exposure), then let the camera adjust the ISO to maintain image brightness as the light changes, but with compensation, so you get the image brightness you want.

Same argument as setting the aperture for the DOF and the ISO for the noise, then letting the camera adjust the shutter for the light, or setting the shutter for the blur and the ISO for the noise, then letting the camera adjust the aperture for the light. If M with Auto-ISO and compensation is invalid, then so is Av and Tv with compensation.

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