New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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Re: New Canon 70D specs leaked!

lol101 wrote:

Are there any engineers out there who understand and can explain sensor technology?

Yes but you're not looking for a engineer, you're looking for a magician, able to "explain sensor technology" out of thin air, without even looking at pictures... that's a different thing.

LOL! Exactly.

Until Chipworks or someone else puts the 70D sensor under a microscope (they literally do this), no one can tell what Canon has done with this sensor.

I'm actually expecting some real sensor improvements this time around.

The new 20mp sensor should be able to match the D7100 sensor in performance.
Sans DR, of course, which Canon cannot 'fix' as long as they keep using their existing/outdated CMOS process - and it's very doubtful that the 70D will introduce the awaited brand new CMOS process.

We'll see.

What do you know about Canon's CMOS process? Do they own their fabrication plant? I don't know that the issues are in sensor development these days -- I'd shine that they just follow today's process curve, an use standard 65 to 180nm CMOS from TSMC or one of the others. And since these sensors are so vastly repetitive, I'd imagine they probably produce a lot of low-res test chips until they find a design that works, then tape it out at full size and ramp it up to production.

It doesn't seem like changing processes is that hard. In fact, if Canon increased only from 18 to 20 mp, it could be that they mostly accomplished it with an optical shrunk, which is available from 65 to 55nm, for example.

For example, if we take 65nm/55nm (or 130nm/110nm) = 1.18 increase.

Now let's take 18 megapixels times 1.18, and the result?21.27. Pretty close to Canon's new 20.2 megapixels.

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